Leading on from our successful presentations at Wounds 2013, we are happy to publish the full posters on our site.  Firstly we've got a poster on Antimicrobial dressings testing.  This poster contains the results for the Alginate/Hydrofibre dressings.  From the poster introduction:

"SMTL tested wound dressings containing antimicrobial agents submitted for the 2009/10 All-Wales NHS Wound Management Contract.  A range of products were examined, including alginates, hydrofibres, foams, low adherent dressings and gauze products.  Three test methods were used. This poster shows the results for Direct Inoculation against Alginate/Hydrofibre dressings.  All silver-containing dressings were assayed for total silver content
using ICP-OES.  Algivon (a manuka honey dressing) was the only non-silver product tested."


SMTL provide a full range of medical device testing services.  If you wish to find out more about our Alginate dressings testing, please read the relevant part of our site.  If you want any extra information please contact us.


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