Latex Medical Gloves: Time for a Reappraisal

A paper on Latex gloves has just been published where SMTL are one of the co-authors.:

The review was a collaborative effort between a number of European authors. The collaboration was aided by IMC Healthcare Communication, who were funded by Ansell Healthcare, Brussels.

SMTL researchers and Dr Steve Thomas (ex-Director of SMTL) have published an interesting paper in the Journal of Wound Care, Oct 2011.

The paper investigates how variations in ambient temperature and humidity can affect the MVTR properties of a dressing, and derives and validates a method which can be used to predict the permeability of semi-permeable films under various combinations of temperature and humidity from a single set of test data.

See: The effect of temperature and humidity on the permeability of film dressings. S. Thomas, L. Barry, P. Fram, P.J. Phillips. Journal of Wound Care, Vol. 20, Iss. 10, 12 Oct 2011, pp 484 - 489.

Vikki Baines, one of SMTL's laboratory officers, has reached the final shortlist of three in a competition run by ABMU Health Board to help spread a positive message at Morriston Hospital’s new Occupational Health Department.

Successful entries in the competition will go on permanent display in the department, and are intended to reflect a theme demonstrating the essence of wellbeing.

Vikki's photograph, which  can be seen below,  reached the final three (from 37 entries). There is a Chairman's Awards evening on the 19th November where  the winning image will be announced.

Perfect Balance - Victoria Baines.jpg

Leading on from our successful presentations at Wounds 2013, we are happy to publish the full posters on our site.  Firstly we've got a poster on Antimicrobial dressings testing.  This poster contains the results for the Alginate/Hydrofibre dressings.  From the poster introduction:

"SMTL tested wound dressings containing antimicrobial agents submitted for the 2009/10 All-Wales NHS Wound Management Contract.  A range of products were examined, including alginates, hydrofibres, foams, low adherent dressings and gauze products.  Three test methods were used. This poster shows the results for Direct Inoculation against Alginate/Hydrofibre dressings.  All silver-containing dressings were assayed for total silver content
using ICP-OES.  Algivon (a manuka honey dressing) was the only non-silver product tested."


SMTL provide a full range of medical device testing services.  If you wish to find out more about our Alginate dressings testing, please read the relevant part of our site.  If you want any extra information please contact us.


SMTL have recently updated two of our research papers.  Firstly the Safer Sharps - Scalpel and Suture needles paper has been updated with the latest information.  Sharps injuries are a common occupational hazard for health care workers in the NHS and this report summarises 'safety' scalpels and associated products.  Secondly the Infusion therapy - requirements for flow control paper has been updated.  This paper summarises guidance currently available in the area.

We also have a range of papers from our Safer Sharps series, which are available on

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