Surgical Instrument Testing

The SMTL have been evaluating the quality of surgical instruments for the Welsh NHS for a number of years. These studies have usually arisen from adverse incidents within hospitals, however the SMTL have now developed a series of test methods to enable the laboratory to offer these services as a preventative measure.

The laboratory can now offer the following services to the NHS and the medical device industry to test their products for specific sections of the following standards:

  • BS 5194-2 Surgical Instruments – Specification for instrument with pivot joints (excluding cutting instruments)

  • BS 5194-3 Surgical Instruments – Specification for dissecting forceps

  • BS 5194-4 Surgical Instruments – Specification for scissors, shears and other jointed cutting instruments

  • BS EN ISO 13402 / BS 7891 – Surgical and dental hand instruments – Determination of resistance against autoclaving, corrosion and thermal exposure


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