Tensile Testing

Tensile testing determines how materials will react to forces being applied under tension.

Some example tensile tests that the SMTL routinely undertake include:

  • measuring the force at break of medical gloves, 
  • tensile performance of DVT garments, 
  • decay testing of elastomeric bandages and 
  • adhesion peel tests on adhesive wound dressings.

Compression Testing

A compression test determines the behaviour of materials under crushing loads.

The specimen is compressed and deformation at various loads is recorded. Compressive stress and strain are calculated and usually plotted as a stress-strain diagram which can be used to determine various features such as elastic limit, proportional limit, yield point, yield strength and compressive strength.

The SMTL routinely compression test medical devices such as:

  • vaginal speculums, 
  • plaster casts and 
  • surgical instruments.


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