SMTL were invited to the 3rd RCSEd All Wales Medical Student Surgical Research symposium in October 2012 to judge poster and oral presentations and to present the SMTL award for best basic science paper. The award was presented to Ronak Ved for his work on the role of a 'calcium sensing receptor' in the development of sympathetic neurones.


Foetal sympathetic neurones were isolated from mice and cultured for 24 hours in varying concentrations of calcium. Immunocytochemistry was used to visualise the neurones and results showed that calcium concentration had a significant effect on the length of neurites (projections from neurones). In his conclusion he discussed the possible role of the receptor in the early development of neurones and suggested areas of further research.

Ronak, a medical student at Cardiff University, carried out his research project at the Cardiff school of Biosciences. He presented the research clearly on a poster and demonstrated good understanding and enthusiasm for his research as well as an appreciation of the importance of 'basic science' such as this in furthering medical knowledge.

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